Announcing the news

I had been feeling sick for about a week now and was glad that I was on annual leave.  Lots of other people at the office were coming down with the sickness bug and now it was my turn.  I just wanted to rest and not do or think about anything - vegetating in front of the television was a good past-time at this moment in time.

My period was late too, but I didn't think anything of it because I was always late since we started trying for a baby.  Also I did not dare entertain the idea that I could be pregnant lest I was disappointed yet again. Before my break I had spoken to the one colleague I had confided in right from the start who suggested that I should do a test.  I said that I would consider it whilst I was off.

Eventually during that week I purchased a testing kit and duly followed the instructions.  The line did not appear as quickly as it had done during my first pregnancy so I did not allow myself to get my hopes up.  A few minutes passed and sure enough the reading came out as positive.  I could not believe it and still what I was seeing seemed unreal.  I sent a text to my friend and she was elated for me.  I decided to tell the doctor first and make my midwife appointment before letting my mum know.

The doctor's surgery had made an error when making my first appointment with the midwife - what should have been an  hour long appointment to complete the registration and scan paperwork ended up being a 10 minute slot.  I enquired about the nuchal scan and the midwife assured me that I would still be eligible for that even at the 12 week stage, which was apparently the upper limit for having it done.  The midwife, however, would not be able to see me to complete the paperwork until a few days before Christmas because she was so busy - apparently there are a lot of summer babies due, around the same time as me.

This time when I told my mother I was pregnant she was much more cheerful than she was when I told her about my first.  She genuinely seemed happy so that's a relief - I had dreaded telling her! She advised me to be careful of what I ate and to take care not to get myself hurt.  That warning became a curse when the snow and ice came.

The winter of this year was particularly harsh and the snow just kept coming without any chance to melt away before the next lot came down.  I had fallen over outside of my neighbour's house which ended with excruciating pain to my coccyx.  My daughter was with me at the time and bawled her eyes out seeing her mummy hurt on the ground.  Poor thing thought I was going to die because I was in such agony!

The second time I fell was in the school playground as I was leaving having dropped my daughter off.  Luckily she was in class by that that time so didn't see it, otherwise she would have been distraught.  It happened in front of loads of people, I had banged my head as well and felt extremely dizzy.  It took three parents to come and help me up.  I could not walk properly so they all helped me to the school office where I could sit down and compose myself before I set off to work.  One of the mums, a friend and old neighbour who knew I was pregnant, stayed with me until I was ready to go.  She helped me to my car.  I will always be grateful to these people for helping me at my most embarrassing moment!!

Just after New Year I got the appointment date through for the first scan.  We decided not to take my daughter with us in case there was something wrong.  The appointment was early on a Saturday morning but I had to wait over an hour before I was able to be seen.

It was wonderful seeing the image of the little baby that I had wanted so much.  In a way it was slightly disappointing because it was very still and quiet, not doing anything.  Whereas with my daughter, during the first scan she was jumping about inside me, stretching her legs and doing somersaults.  It was wonderful to watch. This little one must have been asleep; it had a heartbeat so I knew it was very much alive!

We got the scan pictures and the following weekend I showed them to the school mums who were at a party of one my daughter's friend.  They were all very happy for me.

I could not wait for this little one to come into the world, but the pregnancy was not to be as plain sailing as my first experience...

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